Monday, February 14, 2005


Shot Down

Here's that short tournament report I promised you, from tonight's £50 Shootout in Luton. After some ups and downs, I had 2600 playing 200-400. Found Aces on the button, moved all in. SB called in an instant. BB dwelt up and called. AA v AK v KQ. KQ made a flush with a card to spare. As he was raking the chips in he said "I know I was behind but what can you do".

If anyone knows what you can do other than call when two players are all in for 80% of your chips and you know you're behind, write it on a 6x4 card and send to T. Myland, A Cardboard Box, The Gutter. It'll be waiting for him when he moves in.

Alright, that was a bad beat story :-). But I said I would report each tournament and if I didn't say what happened you might think I was the fish ! And ok it's a bad call but not the worst I've ever seen. It's just the things they say.

I'm happy that happened tonight instead of on Friday. Unfortunately tonight's comp wasn't as good as the previous one I played. They had cut the levels to 20 minutes and removed the 150-300 level. It's still playable but two weeks ago we had two hours play before the blinds reached 200-400, tonight only one. And it's still much better than a standard £20 rebuy-fest, but if I had known I wouldn't have come out on a school night. No harm done though, and it might even have been worth £50 to watch a woman forfeit two hands to walk around and see what was happening on the other tables. Finally, could the low turnout (24 compared to 50 last week) have been because it was Valentine's Day ? More people should follow the example of Mark Banin, who turned up with his wife in tow. That's the spirit !

Undoubtedly Valentine's night, though my absence was because I was shot out of the £100 freezeout the Friday before with KK vs AA third hand (I hit trips on the flop, third A on the river!). I know I shouldn't bother about the bad breaks, but I thought I'd show willing back home for a change.

As it turns out, was giving the on line SNGs some stick by about 10pm!!!!!!

Do you not share the concerns about the payout structure for those only 3x the ante for every table winner, tourney winner takes the rest?
it certainly is the things they say... last week i was flying in a reasonable size mtt, on the bubble with 24k (2nd chip leader) and blinds of 200-400. chip leader is sat 2 seats to my left, i am bb. 5 limpers to me, i have two black aces and raise to 1600 to clear some of the rubble. chip leader (27.5k preflop) reraises to 5k. folded back to me and i move in for the lot. he thinks for precisely 0.00000056 seconds, considers the fact that he saw me rr all in with kk half a dozen hands ago to achieve my lofty position, and calls all in with kq off. obviously i lose to a rivered straight, c'est la poker. however, he then receives three 'nh' and one 'vnh' (none ironic i suspect) and proudly proclaims... 'i had a good feeling, even though i put him on a big hand'. honestly didn't mean for that to be a bad beat moan!
The payout structure is fine by me. I'm trying to increase my variance, if anything. Which, by the way, is why no one should take it personally if I turn deals down !

Looking at the bigger picture, it might be a problem if all the tournaments paid out like that. But once a week I think is fine. Assuming that your (or anyone else's) concerns are about the long-term viability of the game. It certainly doesn't worry me in any other sense.


PS Easy on the bad beat stories guys :-)

don't mention the wonderful phrases 'a pair's a pair' or 'they were suited' either.

On the other hand these are great things to say to deliberately push your fuming foe deeper into the world of tilt when the roles are reversed.

A deadpan "It's my lucky hand" is my favourite.

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