Thursday, December 30, 2004


Straw Poll

I am thinking about taking this blog down. The reason is very simple - it involves coaches and car parks.

What do you think ? Let me know below.

Keep going, Andy - I've enjoyed reading the blog. Do you find it also helps you to crystallise your thoughts and focus on strategy when you blog them? Anyway, I vote for you to keep going.....

Mr. Mystery
yeah, keep up the good work, my son!

When it's up to you, of course. Personally, I enjoy reading this blog.
That looks like 3-0 so counting the 2 people who have said to me personally I shouldn't do it, that's 3-2. If you feel strongly either way then chip in before the end of the week. I appreciate that this method will favour the "pros" but don't care :-)

Personally I would rather you keep this going Andy, I find your writing excellent and your strategy excellent food for thought. I'm not sure that your opinions are reaching a 'bad' audience here, if you were posting this stuff on thm forumthen perhaps.
Generally I would like to believe you have many discerning readers (perhaps I'm biased, and more pertinently, perhaps its the discerning readers that concern your fellow experts). Anyway, my tuppence-worth is 'keep up the good work'.

Keep it going. If I'm ever playing you live or on the net, and I realise its you, I promise not to use this stuff against you.

That is if I even can remember it! A big ask.

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