Friday, November 26, 2004


Party Sit and Goes - The Dance of the Mad

I witnessed some bizarre action in a $50 Sit and Go tonight. Thanks to knocking three players out in one hand with AA, I'm sitting pretty around 4000, 4 handed. The second chip leader (call him player A) allows the short stack (Player B) to escape with 5 chips (in a 2000 pot !) after checking the turn and river. What some people are thinking is beyond me, and no he wasn't deliberately keeping him in to steal more blinds because he didn't subsequently steal anything !

Needless to say B survives a couple of hands and makes it all the way up to 135 when the 3rd stack (Player C) puts 550 in (about half his chips) UTG. B is in the SB so he's all in. While all this is happening I have KK in the big blind ! I go all in, with half a suspicion that UTG will pass, which he does. SB has 34 which rivers a straight :-). If I had been Player C that would have been it for me, laptop through the window. What did he think he was doing anyway ? Putting half of it in is just begging me to raise him off it with anything. He's clearly not aware of the rule that if two players are eliminated on the same hand, the one with more chips at the start of the hand is placed higher. Or if he is, he's not aware of the implications. In this spot, if it all goes in, the hand has to play out B first, me second, C last for him to finish out of the money. 5-1 against given random hands, although in the event that might well have happened !

Long story short, C passes the blinds (as he more or less has to now), leaving himself with 100, and B is finally eliminated in 4th. And I win ! Not normally front page news but I haven't been running too well lately :-). Hopefully my luck's on the turn, and it's ever harder to believe I don't have a good expectation in this game, when I see how utterly clueless some players are.

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