Saturday, October 09, 2004


Simplify !

No thanks to Richard G for comparing me to Paul Samuel in a comment below. I don't know, you try to help people and this is the thanks you get. Fortunately for him I know he was only kidding. Better have been anyway.

So although he doesn't deserve it, here is the simplification that I carry in my head to help me with this. Basically I remember 22-14-10-7. Any Ace is 22 SBs on the button, 14 in the cut-off, 10 in the next, then 7. On the button it goes 22 A2, 14 K8, 10 K2. I had it written on a card for a spell which I found helped.

Now, I don't recommend that an experienced player who does know how to handle a short stack dumps it all for this by-rote approach. But he might realise that a few more hands are playable than he thought in late position, and a few less in early. I can tell you though that anyone who just followed this strategy will be playing better than 90% of the field in their weekly tournaments, and probably 60% of the field in today's £3,000 comp at the Vic ! I could give you a list as long as your arm of people who've won this and that and/or been on TV who can't play a short stack at all. Familiarise yourself with the numbers below, use this as a base to work from and you'll be alright. Really you will !

In practice the hands you'd want to move in on can be different. Or, in order not to generalise, the hands I'D want to move in on WOULD be different. This is because when not operating in a mathematical vacuum, something else you have to consider how your hand will hold up against the hands your opponent is likely to call you with. For example, against a typical (infer from this what you will) table, I'd prefer to move in with K-Q than A-3 because if I get called by an opponent with a marginal hand, that marginal hand is less likely to have mine in bad (>60% fave) shape if I have the first hand than the second.

(and of course I wasnt kidding, Pau...Andy.)

The casual observer must have missed the fact that KQ is grouped with A7 as a hand of equivalent value.

And if I'm Paul Samuel, you're one of PS's loyal readers : which is ten times as bad :-)

What happens in games where the BB is the same as the SB? Do you cut those numbers in half?


Ah, the equal blinds. With one on the button. Those were the days !

I think you would reduce the numbers to about 2/3 of what they are now, because the blinds now amount to 2 SBs instead of 3. So 22-14-10 becomes 14-9-7, pretty much.

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