Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Mixing It Up

$8-16 Limit, Bellagio. -$106, 1.25 hours. Not too bad a game, there was one mad Scandinavian and a few people prepared to cold-call raises with not much (the big sign of a limit fish according to Miller). Unfortunately I didn’t pick up much except QQ unchallenged on the flop, and lost a chunk with 99 v QQ on a 226 flop. Probably lucky for me that an Ace came to slow him down. Lots of “name” players milling around but this distracted the other players more than me believe me :-).

$55 Freezeout, Flamingo. Mid/30, 1 hour. Just to try it out, wasn’t going to take long either way. Quite a few fish, but some of them were difficult to read. When the button made a very reluctant call of 200 I thought I could make him pass for 1400 more from the BB (with a pair of threes for insurance), but no. Was still a 50/50 against his KT, but I lost.

$1-2 NLHE, Aladdin. 1.25 hours, -$80. Now this was a game. 2 or 3 very juicy fish, and no one else to worry about. To give you the flavour, one guy called a $100 check-raise on the turn, board T885 with three clubs, with T7 no clubs. The check-raiser (A8) actually thought he must be behind (as you would). It was a $100 max buy-in though, which cut your options a little. I put one lot in with a flush draw and an over card against two opponents, missed it, and couldn’t hit anything else. Results aren’t everything but it would be nice to win one cash session before I leave.

$40 NLHE Rebuy, Orleans. 1.25 hours, -$80. Madness. 200 runners, multiple rebuys. Luton on a Wednesday night squared ! If this is what you like, you will love the Orleans if you're in Vegas. Lots of locals, lots of fish, but with 200 runners and 11-handed tables you are going to need some good cards. One thing that's funny in here, you don't have to show an all-in hand. Most people didn't, which I thought was a bad idea. With multiple all-ins, lots of sidepots and a variable standard of dealers, God only knows how many people threw away hands which were entitled to at least some of the pot. I can't see how showing your hand would hurt you at all regarding information seeing as 80% of the field cared about nothing but their own cards. Oh well. I had only gone to meet a guy from Gutshot I bumped into in the Bellagio the day before, but either he wasn't there or I just didn't see him in the crowd, so I wasn't too bothered when my (iffy reraise with) 99 lost to AK.

Ballys has the best NL game in Vegas as far as Im concerned. Unfortunately it has a $200 max buy in, but the players are in general terrible (At night time anyway, you get a few good pros during the day). They are all tournament players who think top pair is the nuts, I played a few $500 plus pots where I had either a Full House or a straight and they had top pair good kicker. They also think that AK is good enough to call their stack off preflop.
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